Han(恨): A collective sense of bonding based on suffering and hardship

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After 2 years of endlessly dreaming, foolishly hoping, continuously struggling, haphazardly failing, rarely succeeding, and constantly rediscovering, Hano finally releases their first EP. With a fusion of pop, rock, blues, and "Han", their songs will make you want to dance foolishly and cry shamelessly at the same time. Take a listen.



Friday, November 3 @ 7 PM EP Release Show Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2
Monday, December 4 @ 8 PM Show at the Pianos Pianos, New York, NY


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Wesley Han

Vocals, Electric Guitar

Wesley grew up all his life in the borough of Queens. Unsurprisingly, he is comprised of more than his Korean nationality and place of mortal origin. He is infamous for his tendency to question everything and anything; whether in turn, or out of turn he usually can care less. Born in 1993, the year of the rooster, he set out on living a life that looked like empowering people through their emotional and spiritual healing.

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Phillip Kim

Drummer, Hypeman

Phill had something of a quarter life crisis during his first job out of college. For roughly a decade and a half, his goal in life had been a diploma and a degree - the middle class American dream. Unfortunately (fortunately?) he had achieved it and felt disappointed. Dissatisfied and occupied with existential thoughts, he began using WhatIsLyfe and other variants as his username on various sites. Fortunately for him, he had a hobby to go back to.

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Jihoon Oh


Born in South Korea in the year 1994, Jihoon has aspired to be a yogurt delivery guy as a child. Immigrating to America in 2001, his aspirations of delivering sweets has not changed much; It had just manifested in the form of sweet & funky grooves.

With a Computer Science degree in his left hand and a Jazz bass in his right, Jihoon seeks to fuse the field of Music & Tech and propel it forward.


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